Other Ways To Help

Other Ways to Help

Be a Supportive Fan

We love sharing the gift of great music with people of our community.  Come to our performances,  give us support with your attendence. 



You may contact our Treasurer, Connie Christensen:




Singing Valentines

Give the gift of music and support N-Compass Chorus all at once with Singing Valentines. The chorus gets together around Valentines Day to call upon  your special someone, and then sings a few timely songs for them. 

Submit the contact information and let us know the best time to reach your special person, and they're in for a treat.

Other Fund Raisers:

Throughout the year we have a number of great fundraisers such as Garage Sales and Bake Sales where you can come and browse. If you would like to be "in the loop" about upcoming fundraisers, please contact us at  .


Another wonderful way to show your support of N-Compass Chorus is to sign up for occasional volunteer time at one of our events. People who participate often feel like it's much more fun than work. You get to hang out with a wonderful group of women, and support great music!

If you would like to offer your assistance at one of our events, please contact us.  Be sure to let us know what talents you'd like to share. Here are a few areas where we often need help:

  • Ushering & Ticket Handling
  • Riser setup/teardown & transportation
  • Help with mailings
  • Provide transportation for coaches, quartets, etc.
  • Photography
  • Many more opportunities available!


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